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Market Linked Debentures

Market-linked Debentures are a form of non-convertible debentures. Here, the returns are determined by the market index movement and are not a fixed income source. The payout is done at maturity with a tenure ranging from 1 year to 5 years. This investment tool is best for someone looking at a future pay and not a monthly income supplementation.

Debentures Investment Services Mumbai
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How do we assist our client

  • Investment Guidance

    Providing expert advice on market-linked debentures.
  • Risk Profiling

    Assessing individual risk tolerance for suitable investments.
  • Debenture Analysis

    Evaluating market-linked debenture options for potential returns.
  • Tenure Recommendations

    Advising on suitable investment durations.
  • Documentation Support

    Assisting with paperwork and formalities.
  • Issuer Selection

    Matching clients with reputable issuers of market-linked debentures.
  • Monitoring Performance

    Regularly tracking and managing debenture investments.
  • Redemption Assistance

    Guiding through the redemption process.
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Benefits to the client

  • Experienced Professionals

    You benefit from expert insight, gaining access to experienced professionals for informed investment decisions.
  • Risk Management

    You experience customized risk management approach with tailored approaches based on your individual risk profile.
  • Earnings

    You maximize potential returns through careful debenture analysis, ensuring optimal earnings.
  • Hassle-Free Processes

    You enjoy hassle-free processes as we simplify paperwork and transactions for your convenience.
  • Financial Security

    You secure your investments by partnering with reputable issuers, ensuring financial security.
  • Time and Effort

    You save time and effort, as we streamline the investment process for your ease.

Benefits Of Market-Linked Debentures

Fixed Income

Fixed Income

These are low-risk investments with an assured fixed return.

Index Based

Index Based

MLDs are index-based rather than individual stocks thus reducing volatility.

Principal Protected

Principal Protected

Even in case of a market crash, the principal will be returned to the investor.

Ease Of Investment

Ease of Investment

Easy to compare and invest for maximum returns.

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